Thursday, June 30, 2011


We recently finished redesigning the office area and atrium for the Alpine Church in Longview, TX.  It was great fun designing the furniture groupings for the atrium, as well as coming up with a fresh new look for the reception area.  After eleven years since the church had remodeled and updated their existing reception and gathering area, we set out to create a look that was a bit more contemporary and cozy.  Here are some before and after pictures of the reception area of the project.  Next blog entry, we'll show you the atrium redesign.  

The reception area is a very unique shape...lots of corners to work around

One of our goals is to always minimize the sight of cords...for a cleaner look

The space is crowded and the office staff is ready for a change!

The obvious color pop is the new vinyl plank flooring...
very pretty and very quiet for a high-traffic area

With the addition of an area rug (recycled from the outside atrium remodel),
and a better use of each corner of the room,
we were able to open up the space to look much roomier
and more inviting for visitors.  The addition of lamps and new wall art
add a more contemporary feel while still using the same furniture.
We added a round table as a focal point to the waiting area

By placing the reception desk in the corner by the outside windows,
the area is separated more from the seating area of the office.
Please disregard the unfinished baseboard behind the desk...that was finished
the next day.  We wanted you to see a larger photo of the new location for the desk.  :)
Moving it here also allowed us to highlight the wall with a large, contemporary print.
This provided a new backdrop to the work area and now we were able
to hide the printer and phone cords from view.

By moving the wall unit to this larger wall in the office space,
we were able to create a living room effect for the waiting area.
Books in the bookcase, as well as touches of greenery 
in the bookcase and on the table give it a cozier feel.

For a final finishing touch, we added linen/burlap grommet ring curtains
to the window to give added warmth to the room

The best thing we felt we were able to accomplish for the staff in this new office look was a much roomier area.  Although we actually added a few furniture pieces to the mix, the room now appears more open and much larger.  It sometimes is must a matter of using the entire space...even if it has a lot of corners and different lines.  We hope the staff and members at Alpine Church enjoy the office's new look as much as we enjoyed helping them redesign it!

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