Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rich Jewel Tones Inspire this Bedroom Redesign

We recently had the fun job of helping to redesign a bedroom with a fresh look that incorporated a clean look, but also an eclectic style.  The colors chosen to work with were jewel toned with the color "Netsuke" by Sherwin Williams on the walls.  We think it turned out wonderfully...take a peak at the items gathered together before the design began:

A special art piece painted by a dear friend 

A new linen lamp to add a cozy ambiance

The main focal point of this room is the wall above the bed.  Gathering together a few of our client's favorite things, here is the end result...


The area above the dresser became a fun area to display a decorative mirror and other pieces in an eclectic mix.  An old metal tool kit is repurposed to hold jewelry and other collectibles

We love the way the wall above the bed reflects in the vintage-style mirror.
An old rake now holds favorite scarves.

An old vintage telephone cabinet is added to the wall to display a special book collection;
Aprons and other collectibles find a home on a vintage-style coat rack --

A cozy corner in the room offers up a quiet place to read or reflect.  The chandelier adds delicate ambiance to the area --

Vintage art pieces and a plate collection complete the redesigned look in the bathroom. The colors in the shower curtain and the art and collectibles in this room mimic those of the adjoining bedroom for a room that flows and makes a statement throughout.

Thank you to the Orr family in Longview, Texas for allowing us to share these photos with you.  
If you are planning to redesign your bedroom, remember to pick a color theme, gather much-loved art and accessories and don't be afraid to step outside of the box when hanging things on the wall.  It's the fun and the whimsical that makes a room special.  

If you need help redesigning a room in your home, give us a call at 903.746.7535, or visit our website at  We would love to help make your home a cozier place!

Because Everyone Needs a Cozy Place to Perch

Teresa Knight & Shelley Krupa
Designer Consultants

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  1. Your room looks pretty artsy, but in a cozy way. I see some room that looks more like a strange museum rather than bedroom because of the arts and patterns hanged around. Yours look artsy, but you managed to maintain the homey components.