Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Recently, we had the fun job of working with Mary Peeler of Longview, Texas to help liven up her living area, dining room and kitchen.  With the addition of colorful curtains and pillows in the living area, and bringing our client's silver collection to center stage in her dining area, the rooms are now more lively and take on a fresh and warm look just in time for cozy fireside chats and evenings gathered around the dining table enjoying good company and homemade soups.  This redesign is a reminder that many times it just takes a few little additions to your existing look (and not having to spend a lot of money) to create new interest and update your home with color and style--all just in time to celebrate the joys of autumn!

The living area before the addition of pillows and curtains

Mary added a beautiful sofa table and fall accessories under her family portrait for added warmth on this large wall

The lined curtains came from Pier One & the pillows from TJMaxx
Mary's boxer loves the new look!

With the addition of her great collection of her Grandmother's Blue Willow dinnerware
and gathered silver trays from estate sales and family,
the room takes on a dressier, vintage look.

Silver trays added to the paneling squares
and a new framed vintage-inspired art piece add warmth & visual interest
Displaying Mary's heirloom dishes now allows her
to enjoy them all the time.
A grass cloth shade is planned for the dining window in the future
to break up the cream in the shelves and to add contrast
and warmth to the window and to the overall look of the room

Decorating doesn't have to be a project that costs loads of money.  With just the addition of a few items purchased...and using the things in your home that are special to you in a new and fun way can make all the difference and give your home a warm and cozy look this fall. 

So, start gathering up your favorite pieces and let's make your home a cozier place to live!

Teresa Knight & Shelley Krupa

Because Everyone Needs a Cozy Place to Perch

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