Wednesday, January 23, 2013


When it comes to cozying up the spaces where we live, don't forget that an office is an important place to bring in some warmth through decorating.  We have had a great time during the month of January redesigning some office spaces at Good Shepherd Medical Center in Marshall, Texas.  Through the use of color and decorative items throughout the design that flow well together, an office can become a warm and relaxing place to wait for an appointment.


Great floors and large windows will be a great starting point

This wall will be our main focal wall

With the addition of new faux wood blinds in a warm tone to bring out the color of the floor, as well as a large, colorful art piece on the main wall our goal was to bring color and warmth to the room.  Two large lamps bring the ambient lighting that every office needs to make it more cozy and inviting.  The addition of two new end tables on both sides of the painting, as well as a coffee table in the center of the sitting area anchor the room and give a more homey feel to the space.

The art work throughout the project is full of soft and soothing colors to help create a quiet and warm space and bring a sense of calm to the office waiting area

We chose a bright and colorful rug that plays off the colors in the large art print to add visual interest and give a sense of flow and continuity throughout the design

A peak through the windows as guests arrive at the newly designed office waiting area
Ahhh...much more inviting.  :)

Another very small office space needed a few colorful items to spruce it up, as well.
With the addition of a large, colorful landscape scene and a large mirror, the very tiny space now has a warmer look.  A large vase filled with pussy willows, sticks and dried flowers that compliment the colors in the art print anchors the corner of the room

We loved the color in this framed art piece.
Added to the patient hallway area, the colors in the print flow with the art in the waiting area.

Whether large or small, an office area is a place that needs to feel warm and inviting.
Whether it's waiting for a doctor's appointment or for an appointment with another professional, 
having a space where we feel comfortable and relaxed just helps make our wait much more pleasant,
don't you agree? :)

We would love to help you redesign your office space, home office or any room in your home.
Give us a call and let's cozy up that space
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